How to Play True Skate Game?

In this era where games are prevalent, True Skate has managed to shine out in the iOS market. It is an amazing skating simulation. In this game, you are the skate which has the ability to perform several tricks.

This article will guide you through several aspects of the game. You can download the True Skate APK to enjoy this amazing game. Nevertheless, moving on reading the article to get an idea what the game is about.

Basic gameplay tips

This game is a form of extreme simulation which is designed to be a difficult one. it requires a lot of practice to pull off a number of tricks. The real key to performing these tricks are timing and speed. Following are some tips that will guide you through the gameplay in a detailed manner:

  • Control ollie’s height

Swipe down harder on lighter on the tail.

  • Land on grind rail

Pressing down the board as soon as possible will push it down the rail.

  • Automatically pump on transition

Holding your finger down will do the above job.

  • Control

It is imperative to be gentle when you are dealing with slides and swipes. This is specifically important for smaller tricks and harder tricks that require a number of swipes and combinations to complete.

  • Full speed

Swiping harder is not the key to acquire faster speed. Test out a different amount of swipes to see which offers full speed according to the current situation. Also to make sure you do not tire yourself.

Mission medals

Getting through the game is fairly easy but obtaining the medals is not an easy task at all. It is important to achieve the accuracy required to get the medals. Here are accuracy rating requirement for different mission medals in the game. It is important to learn how to excel each of the tricks since getting gold medal requires 100%/. Nevertheless, have a look:

  • 70% for Bronze
  • 85% of Silver
  • 100% of Gold

However, that is not enough. The game entails a number of things as well. There is a true achievement list and there are several tricks in the game that one can perform. Here is a list of tricks that can be performed in the game:

Easy tricks:




Varial kickflip

Backside 180

Front side 180

Hard tricks:

Triple hardflip

360 hardflip

360 double flip

Laser Flip

Hardcore tricks:

Inward triple heelflip

360 triple flip

Double laser flip

Nightmare flip

Triple laser flip

These were just some of them. There is a large number of tricks that you can perform in the game which can offer you a different experience every time. There are grinds as well that can be performed. There are different milestones as well that needs to be completed which has several points associated with it.

This was a complete guide to playing True Skate. Make sure you read it carefully before playing the game so you can enjoy it more.

5 Spying Apps for Android users

Many times we talk about privacy in social networks, how we are increasingly vulnerable at times by our own practices and sometimes by the practices of “pirates” of some friends, couples or other controlling people who take advantage of applications to Know everything you do and every movement you make. Sometimes they play against us and sometimes they can help us. And yes, we like it more or less, whether or not we agree, these apps are a reality and as much as we try to avoid them they will not disappear. So better to meet our enemy and be aware to know who we are facing, do not you think? Go for it! Also you can find more best APK’s from this site

Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker
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5 spy applications for Android users Do not go to étic @ that surely, even if you did not take it into practice, you would have liked to know where your boyfriend or girlfriend was at the early hours of the morning. We do not think about it, but those who have created Cell Tracker, an app that every half hour sends your location to the spy. And not only does it work for extra jealous couples, the bosses themselves may be accumulating data on every step you take during and after work. Come on … it’s not for being spoilers, but if you complain about not having a business phone … you’re still in time to change your mind!

Children Tracker

children tracker
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You always have to see the good side of things, and being a “spy” is not always synonymous with evil. Sometimes and more at present with such recent cases, parents worry about the safety of their children. It is normal, we understand it or not, we seem more or less controllers, when we are small and go out into the street we are really helpless before a madman. Surely an app will not prevent anything, but if it gives parents peace of mind … why not take advantage of new technologies? This is what Children Tracker does, get the best out of spy apps to know where your child is at every moment. It is simple to use and you just have to install it on your smartphone, make it work, hide the app and start not to stop looking at your phone to control the little one. A blessing for parents and a real nightmare for teenagers.

Ear Spy

Ear Spy
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Shhh, I do not listen! Well, that’s where the shots go. Typical situation in which they are trying to put their ears to find out about other people’s whispers. What an ugly thing indeed! Anyway … so you can…

What are the Features Of Professional Hairstyles for Men

Few years back only women were conscious about their looks. Men were not so much involved in styling and other thing. But now the time has changed everything. Now not only women, but men are also involved in these kinds of things. They try to make it sure dress is good enough along with the shoes and hairstyles. Are you one of them? Do you want to know about the different styles of hairs you could carry on various occasions? If yes then you are on the right place.

In this article, you will know about some of the professional hairstyles which you can make while going out. It is totally fine that you want to look good. It is your right. You can make hairstyles at home no need to go out and pay dollars for it. There is different kind of guidelines available on the internet. You can follow them and get your desired look. Of course, those professional hair styles are suggested by the designers for free. Why you will pay money when you are having it free of cost? Here are some of them given below read them and chose best one:

Businessman/ Office standard Look

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Every office has its traditional look of employee. They develop standard appearance along with dressing must carry to represent gracefully. The companies are on right because you’re well groomed personality will help you earn a lot. You can have professional hairstyles for men along with these features.

Cleanliness: The cleanliness is not only in washing hairs. It is about the nicely cut hair style cleanliness. How closely the barber trims your hairs matter a lot. The edges of hairs must be given a professional trim so that it gives you a decent look. The cuts make your hair look tide if they are done by the hands of expert. So you need to choose the barber very carefully. Check for the reviews and select. You may ask any of your contact about the famous place.

No Need To Be Much Conservative

You do not need to be much conservative about style your hairs. It will make you look boring and plain. Take help of the internet and find the look which gives a decent plus glamorous look. The decent cuts can also be a stylish one. A mixture of style and decency can be a part of your personality. Make the people get impressed by your appearance.

There are some names of the cuts which are being carried by men these days. Do you want to know about them? Here are some of them given below:

  • Hairs with slicked back side a part. It is a gorgeous looks adopted by my actors as well.
  • Short Pompadour haircut. This is in fashion from last 2-3 years and people are loving it.
  • Butch cut is favorite of all. It is found to be a solid and good option for a professional man.
  • The hairstyle with slicked back and side part. You can adopt this one as well.